Skill Poster

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Skill Poster

Other languages
German Skill Poster
France Mantra
Korean 기술의포스터
Description Needed to use Billposter skills
Category Charm
Subcategory -
Required Job Billposter
Required Level 60
Rarity Common
Stack Size 9,999
Buy Price 50 Penya
Sell Price 12 Penya
Element None
Premium No
Consumable Yes
Deletable Yes
Tradable Yes
Shining No
Duration Real Time No

Dropable by following monsters

Obtainable by following NPCs

Image Name Locations
[Arena Store] Deek Saint Morning
Achaben Darken
Tandy Darkon 3
Lui Flarine
Guild Siege Merchant Guild Siege, Guild Siege
Bill Saint City
Yuna Madrigal
Miriun Azria