Obsessed with Crystals! (5)

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Hunting Monsters to recover Karma

Other languages
German Karma regenerieren durch Monsterjagd
France Chasseur de monstres (Karma +2000)
Korean 죄업을 줄이기 위한 몬스터 잡기
Description Hunting $QUEST_END_KILL_NAME$ will recover your Karma points.
Begin NPC Heron
End NPC Heron
Location Madrigal
Level: 15~21
Hunt 40x Criminal Fefern
Chain Quest No
Repeatable Yes
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Begin Your Karma can be redeemed. Are you ready to pay for your sins?
Decline You have yet to pay for your sins…
Complete Your quest has been accomplished. Your sins have been forgiven.
Fail If you are truly unwilling to fight for forgiveness, then there is no hope for you.