Temple of Crowns

Table of Contents

Temple of the Clown

Other languages
German Der Tempel des Clowns
France Temple du Clown
Korean 광대의 사원
Iblis Temple
  1. Door of Dark
  2. Temple of the Clown
  3. The Revival
  4. Into the Dark

Description There is a copy of the Iblis Revelation in the Iblis Temple. Bring a rubbed copy of it.
Begin NPC [Mayor of Saint City]
End NPC [Mayor of Saint City]
Location Saint City
Level: 48~140
Complete Quest: Door of Dark
Collect 1x Rubbed Copy of the Iblis Revelation
EXP: 25% for Lv. 48
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Begin Oh.. Back so soon? I am glad you are back but I am still so worried.
I guess I am still worrying about the Iblis Temple. I know you said that there is nothing to worry about but I still have a bad feeling about that place.
Would you please help me once more? I will not be able to rest until I know for sure…
Accept I heard that there is a copy of the Iblis Revelation in the temple. Please bring me a rubbed copy of it, I need to see what it says.
Decline ..but I.. I..need your help…
Complete This…this is more shocking than I could have imagined. Bubble please protect us.
Fail If you can defeat the Iblis Guardian you can enter the altar.