The Squirrels Took It!

Table of Contents

Description Recover the Hero's Pendant from Nautrepy and return it to Elaine.
Begin NPC Elaine
End NPC Elaine
Location Darkon 1, 2
Level: 65~120
Complete Quest: A Brighter, Cleaner Darkon!
Collect 1x Hero's Pendant
EXP: 23% for Lv. 65
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Begin In a way this is good for them. The citizens of Darken needed to become more self-efficient. I know they will be fine without me. There is another issue that has come up.
When we finished the war, aside from my sister's ring, I also threw my pendant somewhere in Darkon 3. I was so convinced I would never need it again…
Could you please find it for me? I know it is asking much of you. It is important that I regain possession of it though and present it to Reonan.
Accept Thank you. I feel that if anything, a Nautrepy has the pendant. They tend to seek out shiny objects. Please locate them in the Eastern forests of Darkon 3. Please retrieve it.
Decline It is imperative that you retrieve this pendant and get it to Reonan!
Complete Oh you found it! Thank you so much!
Fail A Nautrepy must have taken the pendant. Please go and check the Eastern forests of Darkon 3!