Zoro’s Pendant

Table of Contents

Description Retrieve Zoro's Pendant.
Begin NPC Elaine
End NPC Zoro
Location Darkon 1, 2
Level: 65~120
Complete Quest: The Squirrels Took It!
EXP: 10% for Lv. 65
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Begin Please take this pendant to Reonan. This will serve as a symbol of my unyielding devotion to our cause…
Oh! You have yet to collect Zoro's pendant! Go and retrieve it from him as well! Once you have done this, please take them both to Reonan.
Accept Zoro is waiting! Please go and gather his pendant as well. I'm sure once you show him mine, he will gladly hand it over.
Decline Please, we must get the pendants to Reonan to let him know we are ready to fight side by side!
Complete Oh Oh! That is Elaine's pendant! So I see you were able to get him to reconsider??
Fail Hurry! I'm sure Zoro is waiting!