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Dwarpet Festival

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Dwarpet Festival

Other languages
German Festival der Dwarpets
France Festivités
Korean 드워펫 축제

Description The Dwarpet wants wheesoes.
Begin NPC Lurif
End NPC Lurif
Location Darken
Level: 57~140
Collect 40x Wheeshoe
Penya: 171,000
EXP: 23% for Lv. 57
Chain Quest No
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Begin The Dwarpet needs you to collect wheeshoes for their festival. Will you help?
Accept You can collect $QUEST_END_ITEM_NAME$ from all types of $QUEST_END_ITEM_MON$.
Decline You do not want to collect them? Okay.
Complete Well done. You have successfully completed the quest.
Fail You do not have enough $QUEST_END_ITEM_NAME$.