What is Madrigal Inside?

Madrigal Inside was before Flyff Universe already a Flyff PC project, which was founded end of 2012 for the German Flyff PC community and has been managed by Tacota since. 

In the early years of Madrigal Inside we did some cooperations with the German Gamemasters (Magitook and Piccolo) of the old publisher ‘Webzen’.

Together with the old German GMs, we created e. g. Advent Calendars for the German Flyff PC community, where each day, the player had to answer one Flyff-related question. Each day one player with the correct answer won and got a coupon code reward from us provides by ‘Webzen’. These rewards were for example consumables and Cash Shop items.

Another event we planned together with these GMs (in 2014) was a birthday party for a German MOD (at this time) with players of different guilds in one guild house in a guild house. Do you ask how this works? It’s quite simple just teleport all the players manually into the house. Of course, this was not performed by us, but from the GM (which also spawned a ‘Clockworks‘ into the house). How that event looked like you can see here.

Quit exhausting was the creation of the birthday video for the old ‘Webzen’ GM Piccolo where we ask all German guilds to place their characters to form a letter (back in 2017 where an official Discord server didn’t exist). But the result was still nice, which you can see here.

Throughout the years, we have been improved the official event posts for the German community on www.madrigalinside.de. In addition, we have been providing the German Flyff PC Wiki over there.

Since the publisher change at Flyff PC, GALA has taken over the writing of the event posts. Unfortunately, GALA leaves many questions unanswered in their official event posts, which is why Tacota decided in winter 2020 to write the improved event posts in English from now on. Thus, the 1st rehashed official event post “Christmas Event 2020” was published for the entire Flyff PC community. Right now, more than 15 improved event posts have been written for the entire Flyff PC community.

Transition to Flyff Project M

By creating the improved official Flyff PC event post in English, we took the first step into the international community.

What we have been doing with ‘Madrigal Inside’ since 2012 for the German Flyff PC community (events, posts, guides, etc.) we also want to do for the Project M community to feel comfortable, entertained, and well informed for the upcoming years.