Welcome to Madrigal Inside

Welcome to Madrigal Inside and our Flyff Universe Wiki (former Flyff Project M). You may already know us from the improved official event posts on Flyff PC.

We also take place for the Flyff Universe community now.

In this post, we show you what you can already find on this website, what content is coming soon, and what our long-term plans are.        

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Madrigal Inside was until now a Flyff PC project, which was founded end of 2012 for the German Flyff PC community and has been managed by Tacota since.

In the early years of Madrigal Inside we did some cooperations with the German Gamemasters (Magitook and Piccolo) of the old publisher ‘Webzen’, like Advent Calendars, where we handed out coupon code rewards (consumables, Cash Shop items) provided by ‘Webzen’. We also planned a birthday party for the former German PC Flyff MOD with players of different guilds in one guild house.

Throughout the years, we have been improving the official event posts for the German Flyff PC community on www.madrigalinside.de. In addition, we have been providing the German Flyff PC Wiki over there.

Since the publisher change at Flyff PC, GALA has taken over the writing of the event posts. Unfortunately, GALA leaves many questions unanswered in their official event posts. That’s the reason why Tacota decided in winter 2020 to write the improved event posts in English. Thus, the 1st improved official event post “Christmas Event 2020” was published for the entire Flyff PC community. Right now, more than 15 improved event posts have been written for the entire Flyff PC community.

Flyff Universe was announced in December 2020. Tacota was immediately clear that this project has a lot of potential and so he decided that he want to create a wiki with guides and a news section for Project M, just like he did for Flyff PC. This time, of course, completely in English.

Even though the website is still under construction, we would like to explain to you what you can already see on the website, what is planned for the near future, and what the long-term goal will be.

What you can already find on this website

The main navigation is structured as follows:

  • News

    Updates on our website and updates from Flyff Universe. (Once Flyff Universe is released official and player events will also be listed here).

  • Game Data Info

    All information data directly from the official Flyff Universe API.

  • Guides

    Manually created pages to help both novice and experienced Flyff players to learn all about Flyff Universe.

  • Community

    Place for the community. (Not defined, yet.)

If you have suggestions regarding community pages or guide pages, you can contact Tacota#0158 directly via Discord or write us an EMail.

What content is coming soon on this website?

Currently, we are putting together small guides that we can show you even before the release of Flyff Universe. We will continue to take new data from the API and write more small guides in the upcoming weeks and months.

Note: We do not have access to a test server. The information in our guides has all already been publicly addressed in the Project-M Discord, YouTube or the old PC Wiki. Also, this information may be outdated at some point, as the servers are not online yet and thus changes can take place at any time.

Detailed guides can only be created at server release when we get access to the servers.

What are our long-term plans for this website?

We want to offer you a platform where you can see the complete data from the API. In addition, we would like to provide an area with news, where you can see the latest game content and official and unofficial events.

In the ‘Guide Section’, we would like to show you additional explanations for all topics about Flyff Universe besides the pure data from the API.

As in the early days of Madrigal Inside for the German Flyff PC, we would like to work together with the community of Universe, where the Navigation ‘Community’ will come into place.


By creating the improved official Flyff PC event post in English, we took the first step into the international community.

What we have been doing with ‘Madrigal Inside’ since 2012 for the German Flyff PC community (events, posts, guides, etc.) we also want to do for the Flyff Universe community to feel comfortable, entertained, and well informed for the upcoming years.