• Equipment Enhancement

    Some information about the Mineral Catchers, Set-, Piercing-, Elemental-, and Socket Card Upgrade.

  • Beginners Guide

    Some information about the interface, option, hotkeys, buff pang, flying combat, skill and much more.

  • Cash Shop information

    Some information about the Cash Shop UI with real money and Penya currency and Flyff Universe's new visual effects.

  • Guild-System

    Learn what a guild is, how to create a guild, all about the Guild Window, Guild Level requirements, and the Search Guild System.

  • Achievement-System

    There is a Hunting Board where you get extra Attack and a titel when you killed enough of a monster groupe.

  • Daily Rewards

    Some first information about the Flyff Universe Daily Rewards where you get items after X hours and after X days.

  • New: Battle Pass-System

    Learn what the Battle Pass-System is and what you have to do to get rewards.

  • Party-System

    Learn what a Party is, all about the Party Window, the Party Skills, Search Party System, and the Cash Shop items for a Party.

  • Pet-System

    Learn all about the Pet-System.

  • Quest System

    Get some general information about Quest System in Flyff Universe e. g. that monster quest kills are counted for all party members.

  • Monster Drop information

    Get some Monster Drop information about General Monsters, Dungeon Monsters, Flying Monsters, Giants and Bosses.

  • Trivia information

    Some trivia which didn't get a own page. Like Box-System (Gachas), the Report System, or Visual Effects of rare loot.