Party System

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General information

You can access this window by pressing the party hotkey ‘P’.

A party is where players group together to aid each other in leveling, you and your party members in the same area share experience. There are two types of experience distribution, level-based and contribution-based, these are explained later.

To create a party you need two people. The person that wants to be leader will need to send an invitation to the second person, once they accept the party will be created.

There are multiple ways you can invite a person to a party, note that they must be on the same channel as the leader, not already be in a party, and an invite cannot be sent while the person is fighting.
Method One: If you are standing next to the person you wish to invite you can left-click on them and select ‘Invite to join party’ in that menu.
Method Two: If the person you wish to invite is on your friends’ list you can left-click on their name and select ‘Invite to join party’ there.
Method Three: When neither of these options are available you can use the party invite command in the chat bar. Type /partyinvite player and the invitation will be sent.
Method Four: You turn on the Search Mode in the settings, depending on your setting, players can join your party freely or with your approval. 

Additional information, which are different from Flyff PC

  • HP Gauges are displayed for all nearby party members.
  • ‘Linked Attack’ lasts 1 minute and consumes 3 party points. (In PC Flyff it’s 20 Seconds and consumes 1 point.)
  • Party points per level increased to 18. (In PC Flyff it’s 15 per level)
  • You will no longer leave the party when joining Guild Siege. Reminder: Linked Attack and Global Attack has no effect in PvP.

The Party Window show in the Party Window’s Settings: 

  • Exp Bonus: The additional experience gained by the party members in the surroundings. 
  • Min Level: The minimum level required to get experience and to contribute to the party Exp Bonus. This corresponds to the level of the highest level player in the surroundings, minus 19. The text is red if the player does not meet the condition.
  • In FlyffUniverse there is no more specific bonus to complete the party with 8 members, apart from the base bonus depending on the number of members around.
  • A player less than 19 levels below the level of the highest level member in the area will no longer provide any benefit to the group.
  • The “Level” and “Contribution” experience sharing modes provide the same amount of Exp Bonus, only the way the experience is shared changes.
  • With “Level” the distribution of experience is done by following the level of each member.
  • “Contribution” Exp is shared equally across party members who participated in the fight
  • Attacking, Tanking and Healing are all counted as a contribution (active). Previously only attackers got a huge part of the contribution experience. So 3 players with the same level, 1 attacker, 1 tanker (can attack too), 1 healer (can attack or tank too) should get roughly the same amount of experience.
  • No matter the sharing mode, the bonus part of the experience is always distributed to all party members around and according to their levels.
  • The Exp Bonus for a non-advanced Party (below level 10) is the following: 4% per member + 13.5% per Active Member in the surroundings (minimum 19 levels below). At least 2 members are needed to activate the bonus.
  • The Exp Bonus for an advanced Party is the following: 5% per member + 14.75% per Active Member in the surroundings (minimum 19 levels below). At least 2 members are needed to activate the bonus..

Party Window

Party Information
This shows your party name, level, exp, and points.

  • Name The name of your party.
  • Level The level of your party. You gain more party points for each level.
  • Exp For each kill that is made from a group of 2 or more people in the same area the party will gain experience upon hitting 100% the party level will increase.
  • Points The remaining amount of party points, are used on skills.

EXP Share
The way that experience is distributed between the members.

  • Level With “Level” the distribution of experience is done by following the level of each member in the surroundings.
  • Contribution With “Contribution” the experience is given according to the participation to kill the monster.

Distribute Item
This is the way that items are shared between the party members.

  • Individually The person that picks up the item gains it.
  • Sequentially Items are divided equally between the members.
  • Manually The party leader gains all the items to redistribute later.
  • Randomly Items are passed to members randomly.
  • Killer Giving the item to the party member who damaged the most the monster

The main lists the members in order that they joined the party with the leader at the top. If the leader logs off, the party is automatically passed to the next person on the list that is logged on. The party can hold a maximum of 8 players.
There are boxes next to the name of each member which show different colors depending on the status of the player.

  • Grey Box Player is online and not within range of you.
  • Black Box Player is offline.
  • Blue Box Player is online, within range of you and alive, you can also see their health bar in the party window.
  • Red Box Player is online, within range of you and dead.
  • Yellow Box This player is online, within range of you but is near death.

If you are the party leader you can transfer the leadership of the party to any other online member by selecting their name in the party window and clicking transfer.

By pressing this any member can leave the party. If you are the party leader you can also kick people from the party by selecting their name and then clicking ‘leave’.

When the party reaches level 10 you can change to an advanced party by clicking this, you can then name the party and gain access to the party skills. If you do not change the party into Advance, the party will not level any further. in 

The Party Skills

Party Skills can be used by the leader in an advanced party. Each skill benefits the party in some way. The basic skills (Call, Blitz, Retreat) are available as soon as you change to advanced. The others require the party to be of a higher level.
Note: The picture below says 5%, but it got reduced to 2.5%. 

Icon Name                       Description                                            Party-Level Duration   Consum
Informs all party members of the location of the party leader.
0 points
Party leader orders party members to attack a target.
0 poins
Party leader orders all party members to retreat.
0 points
Use this ability to gain an almost guaranteed critical hit on your next attack.
(1 Minute) once
1 point
Linked Attack
Each party member around the leader adds a 5% bonus to party leader damage (in Flyff PC it's 10%). If someone in the party uses a Red Scroll, the party leader gets the bonus even if the party member aren't around him.
1 Minute
3 points
Global Attack
This party skill doesn't exist in PC Flyff:
When Global Attack is used, the party members nearby gain 2.5% damage for each additional party member present. When Red Scroll is used, all party members gain 2.5% damage for every player that’s in the party, stacking up to 20% damage (2.5% x 8). If Linked Attack is being used simultaneously, the leader will not gain any bonus damage from Global Attack.
1 Minute
3 points
Lucky Drop
Increases the chance of masquerpets dropping rare, uncommon, unique, and veryrare items.
5 Minutes
5 points
Party members recover 1.5 times faster. If the party leader is an Assist, party members recover 1.8 times faster.
2 Minutes
2 points
Gift Box
Increases the amount of items dropped by masquerpets.
5 Minutes
8 points

Search Party System

Party leaders can choose whether they want their party to be listed here, whether players can freely join, or if they require confirmation to join the party.

While searching for parties you can filter the results to your own liking, as well as sort the list of parties by Name, Level, how many members it has, etc.

How to open the Search Party System

When you aren’t in a party you find at the bottom left of your Party Window ‘P’ the ‘Search-Botton’

Cash Shop items for the Party

Icon Name                                                               Description                                                              
Scroll of Selected Party
Upgrade Party Level to 10
Summon of Party Leader
Summons Party members to the Party Leader (Only Party Leader can use)
Blessing of Party Leader
x2 Party Exp. for 2 hours (Only Party Leader can use)
Scroll of Party Growth
Your Party Level is set to Level 40 as soon as you use this scroll. Your Party Points will be set to 400 as well. Note that you will lose Party Points if they are higher than 400 prior to using this scroll.

1/7/15 Day(s) Scroll of Party EXP
Increase the rate at which Party EXP is gained by 50%, when the party leader has it activated. (Lasts 1/7/15 day(s) from activation, even if logged off)

1/7/15 Day(s) Scroll of Party Skill
Allows Party Skills to be stacked, combining their duration, but not effect. Works when the party leader has it activated. (Lasts 1/7/15 day(s) from activation, even if logged off)
Enhanced Party Skill Range 15/30
Known as the "Red Scroll" in some circles, this powerful party item enhances Party Skills, negating their distance limitations. Even works when just a party member has it activated. Lasts 15/30 days.
Scroll of Party Amplification (1 /7/15 Day(s))
Your party will get twice the number of points when reaching a new level. Lasts 1/7/15 day(s). Note that the counter on this item will continue to count down even when logged out.
Scroll of Permanent Party
Members of your party (including you) will no longer be ejected automatically when they are offline. The scroll will be consumed and only applies on your current party.