Flyff Universe

Flyff Universe (former Flyff Project M) is the multiplatform version of your beloved Flyff PC game!
Developed by a French startup made of passionate Flyff players in collaboration with Gala Lab, this game did come back to the origins of Flyff, with v7.
That’s what Flyff Universe offers:
~ Unique web technology so you can play whether you are on your PC, tablet, or mobile. No need to download and install an app, click on the link and start playing!
~ The come back of Kebaras PK prison, Catcher collect monsters, Power Dices :dice8:, original Flaris and Pang Lodelights :pang:
~ New graphic options such as post-processing effects, farther view distance, improved grass, Masquerade Flyff toon shading mode
~ Improved User Interface with instant theme selection. Will you play with the current Gold theme, Original one, or Masquerade?
~ New flying monsters and areas with new simplified controls for flying combat :wings:
~ Multi-language support in same game client ~ Direct contact with the official development team
~ Regular updates and events in-game


1. Is it an official game?
Yes, this is the official multiplatform version of Flyff.

2. Who develops the game?
The game is developed by Gala Lab, the original developer, and owner of Flyff, in collaboration with Sniegu Technologies, a French startup made of passionate Flyff players.

3. How to play the game?
You can play it here. Once it releases, just open up a browser, connect to the website and start playing!

4. Which devices are supported by the game?
The following platforms are officially supported: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS. You need the latest version of one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera. Other platforms and browsers may work if they are recent enough and support WebGL technology.

5. Is Flyff Universe different from Flyff-PC?
Yes. Flyff Universe uses Version 7 (around 2007) of Flyff PC as a base, while many things got changed and added. From there, an alternative development route inspired by Flyff PC versions is planned. One of our main goals is to stay close to the Flyff PC vibe, even if we improve some parts.

6. Does this multiplatform version replace Flyff PC / Flyff Legacy / other Flyff versions? Can I recover my Flyff PC characters on this game on official release?
No. This game is completely independent of the others.

7. Is the game Free To Play?
Yes. The game is Free To Play like other Flyff games. Some items of the game will be purchasable in a Cash Shop.

8. Which languages are supported by the game?
English, Korean and French have official support. Other languages ​​will likely be added. In any case, the community can add the languages ​​it wishes via the official collaborative platform. All languages ​​are available in the same client and no matter which server you connect to.

9. How to contact Moderators / Developers / Gala Lab?
You can directly contact Discord moderators in text channels. The developers do not officially provide support on Discord. If you have a specific request please send a mail to Any kind of abuse, even regarding the moderators, will lead to a permanent ban.

10. How can I contact customer service (Support)?
The Gala Lab support platform can be found here:
You can use the “Contact us” button to submit a request to customer service.
Tickets in German are also processed by customer service. For faster processing, however, we recommend that you write the tickets in English if possible.