Equipment Enhancement

  • Erons/Krasec/Mine/Guru Catcher

    Learn what the 4 Catchers are for, where they are located, and what items you get from them for which upgrade.

  • Equipment Set + Weapon Upgrade

    Get generel information about Equipment Set + Weapon Upgrade, learn how to upgrade, see the Upgrade Stats and Upgrade Set Glow.

  • Suit Piercing Upgrade

    Learn what the Piercing Upgrade is, how to upgrade, what % stat cards there are, and where to get these cards.

  • Elemental Upgrade

    For each +1 element you get a % increase or decrease . Learn what element is effective against which other element and how to upgrade.

  • Accessory Upgrade

    Learn all about the Accessory Upgrade and like how to upgrade and what bonus each upgrade gives.

  • Safe Upgrade System

    You can add the materials needed and set your desired upgrade target. It will continue upgrading either until you reach your target.

  • Socket Card Upgrade

    Learn all about how to upgrade you low-level Cards to higher Cards. 7% Cards are only obtainable through this upgrade.

  • One random bonus on your weapons and shields

    It's not possible to awake 5 slots on you equipment like in Flyff PC. Learn how the awake system in Flyff Universe works.