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The 1st Bone Bowl

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The 1st Bone Bowl

Other languages
German Die erste Bone Bowl
France Origine du bol maudit
Korean 최초의 본보울
Saint Morning
  1. Origin of Bone Bowl
  2. The 1st Bone Bowl
  3. Facts of Bone Bowl

Description Bring 10 Black Tombmarbles from Tombstone Bearers, 5 Black Spell Books and 5 black Heroka grass to Bowler the Bowl Merchant in Rhisis.
Begin NPC [BowlMerchant] Bowler
End NPC [BowlMerchant] Bowler
Location Garden of Rhisis
Level: 44~140
Complete Quest: Origin of Bone Bowl
Collect 10x Black Tombmarble
Collect 5x Black Curse Book
Collect 5x Black Heroca
EXP: 25% for Lv. 44
Items: 1x Bone Bowl
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Begin The Bone Bowl was created by a black magician a long long time ago. In a town, a woman lived with her little pet, who was named Baby.
The pet went crazy and began attacking townsfolk. As a result, both of them were kicked out of the town.
The woman came back to the town, but the people in town killed her pet! Then the black magician made a bowl out of the skull of her pet and cursed it!
The town disappeared because of the curse, and so did the bowl…but there are some that say…Well, I've already said too much.
So you want the real Bone Bowl, right? Well, you'll have to do something for me first. Nothing in this world is free, right? Hahaha!
Accept Good! Bring me 10 Black Tombmarbles from Tombstone Bearers, 5 Black Spell Books and 5 Black Heroka Grass from somewhere in the Garden of Rhisis.
Decline Hey, it's up to you. Too bad though, I could have used those items to help you with your problem…
Complete Great job! This stuff will come in real handy!
Fail You did not bring me everything I asked. Please bring me the items I requested.