Table of Contents

Some trivia information

  • High-level players can’t AoE low-level monsters anymore and tank them infinitely to troll other players. The monsters will lose interest and return to their original spawn location if it doesn’t receive any damage for 3 minutes.
  • Items are greyed out as soon as you drop them to the Private Shop window
  • In Flyff Project M the duration of Upcut Stone, Refresher Hold, Vital Drink is 1 hour, in PC Flyff it’s minutes
  • Giant Bang and Giant Crane Machinery now have a chance to make players fly back, like the Clockworks
  • Giant Zombiger, Giant Carrierbomb, and Giant Luia have a chance to inflict the Flame Geyser debuff
  • A lot of monsters have  Bleeding, Poison, and Stun debuffs. These debuffs were only used for monsters up to Saint Morning previously
  • It is possible to hide the whole interface, including the taskbar. By default the shortcut is Ctrl+F. Press the same shortcut or any other window shortcut to display the interface again.

Gacha / Box content and probabilities

When you click to use an Item Package it will now open a window showing the list of items that you will get by opening it. You will be able to see if the items are limited in time or Soul-Linked. You also have the possibility to open a whole stack of Item Packages in one click!

Gift boxes have often been criticized for their lack of transparency towards players. Gift Boxes display the list of items you can get with their exact probability. In the same way as Item Packages, it is possible to open up to 999 boxes in one click.

There is a kind of item called Gachas. Unlike Gift Boxes which do not give you any guarantee to get the item you want so much, Gachas assure you that if you open enough of them you will get the item of your dreams!

Think of a Gacha as a bag containing a defined set of items. Every time you consume a Gacha you randomly get one item from this bag. If you empty the bag, it means that you will have obtained all the items on the list. Once the bag is empty, the Gacha is refilled if you want to get the items again. That’s not all! If you get the item of your dreams from the first draws, most Gachas will offer you the possibility to reset them manually with the Reset button.

To help you you can see the probabilities to get each item. These probabilities are updated after every new draw.

Global Gachas

Global Gachas are a new kind of item, similar to the Gachas presented in the October development blog but they are shared between all players of the same server! The Gacha is reset once all items have been picked. Since Global Gachas can’t be reset earlier by a single player, there is an additional guaranteed item for the player picking the last item

Report System

You can report another player using the Report Player feature. You must write a message and select a reason: Insults, Botting, Cheating/hacking, RMT, or Bad behavior. There is a minimum time interval to report the same player again. Players’ reports are summarized in a Game Master interface and are a hint for the automated monitoring system. Game Masters visualizing the reports have access to all actions history in-game, including chat messages. Abusing the feature can result in your account or IP being banned.

Visual Effects of rare loot

Rare Loot shows a visual SFX when the item is on the ground.

Item Rarity

Item Rarity is shown in the Tooltip. Unique Weapons level 60+ are Red, Rare Weapons level 45 and below are Green & Rare Armour level 5-120 are Green. Certain Weapons & Shields that are better than Common will have the Rarity Uncommon, which is Brown.

Here is a list of all possible Rarity for Equipment:

Red (Unique) > Green (Rare) > Brown (Uncommon) > Blue (Common)

Arena Ranking (1st part)

The Free PK Arena of Saint City now has a ranking system! Players can view the ranking by talking to [Arena Manager] Lay in every town and [Arena Manager] Harold near the Arena. There are different sorting options: by kills, by deaths, by ratio kills/death, and by difference kills-death. The ranking will reset every week with rewards for the top-ranked players


Arena Ranking (2nd part)

Every week, the Free PK Arena ranking will reset and top ranked players by number of kills will receive the new Eagle Cloaks by mail. You can check the rewards and your current rank by talking to the Arena Managers. You can wear the cloak until the next ranking reset in the same way as Guild Siege’s Dragon Cloaks. Note there is a rate limit between 2 IP addresses and/or 2 accounts to prevent abuse in the ranking. PvE players should be able to win Dragon and Eagle cloaks too when new PvE contents such as Secret Rooms will be released in later versions.

Experience Stop System

You can decide to stop gaining experience from monsters in order to farm items or dungeons. This is done by activating the “Exp Lock” in the Character window. Every monster killed giving at least 1 point of experience will reduce the Exp Lock Gauge by 1 instead of giving you the experience. You must fill the gauge regularly by paying with Penya. The price is currently 100 Penya per killed monster. There are frequent messages to remind the player that the Exp Lock is active or when the gauge starts to be empty.