Guild Extra Bag (30 days)

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Guild Extra Bag (30 days)

Other languages
German Guild Extra Bag (30 days)
France Sac d'inventaire de Guilde (30 jours)
Korean Guild Extra Bag (30 days)
Description Expands item carrying limit by 24 items for the guild bank. You can only use 2 at the same time per guild and it only works on the current guild you are in. Lasts 30 days.
Category Scroll
Subcategory Guildbag
Required Level 1
Rarity Common
Duration 2592000s
Stack Size 999
Buy Price Not available
Sell Price 1 Penya
Element None
Premium Yes
Consumable Yes
Deletable Yes
Tradable Yes
Shining No
Duration Real Time Yes

Dropable by following monsters

Obtainable by following NPCs

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