Damage tests and calculations

Damage Training Dummies

Training Dummies are available next to the Saint City arena. There are dummies for each natural Element and one without a specific Element. They take advantage of a system scaling the enemy to the player’s level, thus they don’t have a specific level and will always act like an average monster having the same level as the player.

Dummies can be healed by healing skills, allowing you to conveniently test your healing output.

Damage Stats

There is a Damage Stats Window. This window will show you the Total Damage done & the average damage dealt per second. You can use this to know exactly how much damage you are dealing over a period of time, rather than just relying on the Pop-Up damage numbers. You can also see the stats of any other players who are fighting the same target as you. E.g. Party fighting a Giant, or a Guild fighting Clockworks. You can reset the stats displayed using the reset button on the top right of the window.