Raised Pets-System

Table of Contents

Raised Pet

This system will allow players to tame and raise pets that aid them in combat with useful stats. The base pet is an Egg, which can then be hatched into one of 9 pets, which can be seen in the following table. An Egg will hatch into a pet after using enough Pet Candy (F), which can be seen in the Pet Candy Harvesting System section of this document.

A pet is raised using different tiers of Pet Candy, which depends on the current tier of the pet. Every time a pet reaches a new tier after using enough Pet Candy, it is assigned a random tier between 1 and the max level of the specific tier, as seen in the following table (for example, once a pet reaches the C tier, it is assigned a level between 1 and 4). The assigned level is calculated based on probabilities, which are the following:

Tier Max Level Probability

Pets also have an energy value. When the energy value reaches 0, the pet no longer provides stats until the energy value is above 0 again (no, the pet does not die and there is no permanent effect when the energy reaches 0). One appropriate Pet Candy for the pet’s tier will fill up the pet’s energy, which depletes naturally over a period of 6 hours at S tier (shorter at
lower tiers).

Max paised pet values

Pet Candy Harvesting-System

Players will be able to use harvested plant materials (berries), penya, and sometimes a previous tier of Pet Candy to craft new Pet Candy to level up their pets.

Harvesting Plant Materials

Plants are scattered throughout the world, indicated by a special SFX with insects flying
around the plant and various sparkles. These plants are interactable using a Harvesting Glove,
which will commence a base timer to collect the berries. There is a 5% base chance for a
monster to spawn after the harvesting process, which carries many more berries.

Berry Sources

You can find different berries at different places.

Type of Berry Source Plant
Flaris/Saint Morning/Rhisis plants
Darkon 1/Darkon 2 plants
Darkon 3/Azria plants

Pet Candy

Pet Candy is used for granting EXP to your raised pet. To create Pet Candy, it must be crafted using berries, penya, and sometimes a previous tier of Pet Candy. The amount of Pet Candy crafted depends on the input materials, and the amount of EXP granted depends on thecurrent tier of your pet. F tier Pet Candy does not require previous tiers.

Pet Candy Recipes

Harvesting Gloves

Harvesting gloves are the item required to harvest any plant in Madrigal. The base item can be bought at various NPCs for 500,000 Penya. The gloves can then be upgraded to improve the harvesting process, using Power Dice 8 or 10 at a rarer chance than collector upgrading.

Harvesting Gloves probabilities

Level Dice 8 Dice 10

The aspects that are improved when upgrading are:

  • Harvesting time reduction
  • Harvest yield bonus (amount of berries granted per harvest)
  • Carrier spawn chance bonus (chance for a monster to spawn after harvest)
Gloves Upgrade Level Bonus
Time Reduction Level 1 (-0s)
Yield Bonus Level 1 (x1.00)
Carrier Spawn Chance Bonus Level 1 (+0%)
Time Reduction Level 2 (-1s)
Yield Bonus Level 2 (x1.05)
Carrier Spawn Chance Bonus Level 2 (+5%)
Time Reduction Level 3 (-2s)
Yield Bonus Level 3 (x1.10)
Carrier Spawn Chance Bonus Level 3 (+10%)
Time Reduction Level 4 (-3s)
Yield Bonus Level 4 (x1.15)
Carrier Spawn Chance Bonus Level 4 (+15%)
Time Reduction Level 5 (-4s)
Yield Bonus Level 5 (x1.20)
Carrier Spawn Chance Bonus Level 5 (+20%)
Time Reduction Level 6 (-5s)
Yield Bonus Level 6 (x1.25)
Carrier Spawn Chance Bonus Level 6 (+25%)

Pet Grace Skills

All pets have a grace skill, which is a short duration, long cooldown (2 minutes) ability that will grant the user very powerful bonuses. To activate the pet’s ability, the grace meter must be full (the grace meter is time-based, think of it like a cooldown for the ability), and the pet must have enough energy. All grace skills consume 50 minutes worth of energy per use.

Once the grace skill is ready to be used, the button will become activated and the pet will display a golden glittery effect indicating that the skill is available. Once the skill is used a special grace effect will be displayed on both the pet and the user.

The effects of the grace skills granted to the user depend on both the type of pet and the pet’s current tier. An S-tier pet will grant a more powerful version of the buff than a lower tier. The effects of the buffs are as follows:

Defect Recycling

While raising the perfect pet, many defects will appear with non-desirable levels. Instead of being completely useless, these failed pets, or defects, can be sacrificed to optimize the levels of another pet. To reroll the levels of a pet, the defect used must be at least the same tier or higher (except for F Tier pets, as they cannot be rerolled since there is only one possible level).

Tier Req

The probabilities for the newly assigned level after defect recycling depends on the difference between the used sacrificial pet’s tier and the current pet’s tier. The bigger the gap between the two pets, the better chances there are at rolling a higher level.

Pet Transmutation

Since the pets no longer change their appearance based on the tier, there is now a cash shop item to reroll the appearance of a pet. This item is not limited to rerolls of your current pet type, which means you can have a pet White Tiger in the appearance of a Hellion pet.