Quest System

General information

  • Monster quest kills are counted for all party members
  • When starting a new quest, it will automatically appear in the tracker.
  • There aren’t any level conditions for all Quests with the exception of Dreadpet Dungeons, Iblis Dungeon, Kebaras Prison, and Job change.
  • When talking to an NPC, if you refuse their Quest it will remove the emoticon from the top of their head and icon in Map and Navigator. This doesn’t mean you can’t do the Quest anymore. You can still start the Quest by talking to the NPC.
  • The experience is now specified as a percentage given when the quest is completed on its minimal level to finish it. This amount is then reduced by 10% for each level above the minimum level required to complete the quest. The window will now show the EXP % that you get if you complete the quest at your level.
  • Plug Earring Quest has been reimplemented (quest was removed before version 7). If you don’t kill flying monsters, completing this quest is your unique chance to get a Plug Earring +2 (+60 DEF).
  • There is a Dekane Mine Quest chain

Flying Tutorial Questline

A tutorial questline is available on level 20 to learn flying. The quest will ask you to fly to different locations to familiarize yourself with the flight system.