Buying & Selling

Table of Contents

General information

  • The Penya limit in your Inventory is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 (2,147,483,647 is the limit in Flyff PC). So there is no need for the item “Perin” from PC Flyff)
  • The price limit per item in Private Shops is set to 100,000,000,000 Penya.
  • Math characters + / = # – \ & | % < > & are allowed in Private Shop names.
  • Private Shop, Guild, and Party names cannot contain consecutive spaces. 

Quick Sell

You can now sell items quicker using the Quick Sell feature. You can filter which items you want to sell in bulk. You can click any items in the quick sell window that you may want to exclude.

Buy Back

You can buy back items that you have previously sold to NPC Shops. This feature will store the 50 latest items that you sold and each item will stay for 12 hours, even if you log out.

The price to purchase back the item is always the price that you sold the item for, increased by 5%. Items, which are red because they expired and items that you can directly purchase again in an NPC Shop will never be stored in Buy Back (though a common armor that you previously upgraded or pierced will be in Buy-Back).

Privat Shop

The bottom left menu opens you the “Private Shop” to sell your items.

Vendor Shops

Tired of letting your PC run just to let your private shop online? Would you like to play the game while selling items? There comes the Vendor Shops into place!
When setting up a private shop you will now have 2 options: Open a classic private shop or open a Vendor Shop.

The Vendor Shop is a perfect clone of your character, including Glow effects and Balloons, that will manage a private shop for you. You can currently open only 1 Vendor Shop at a time, but you can also open a private shop at the same time. The duration of a Vendor Shop is currently 4 hours without subscription and 3 days with premium subscription. Unlike classic private shops, the shamrocks of a Vendor Shop are blue.

Hint: You need to be at least level 30 to open a Vendor Shop.

When a player purchases an item from your Vendor Shop, if you are online you will instantly be notified and receive the Penya in your inventory, otherwise, you will receive the Penya in your inventory at the next connection.
You can close a Vendor Shop anytime by double-clicking on your Vendor Shop buff. When the Vendor Shop has closed the unsold items directly go back to your inventory. If you do not have enough space, a message will ask you to make room and reconnect to receive the missing items.

Do not be afraid of losing your items, everything is saved in real-time, and in the event of a server crash or maintenance, your Vendor Shop will automatically respawn!

Vendor Shop Skins

Vendor Shop skins are available in the Cash Shop, allowing you to give a custom appearance to your Vendor Shop. They work the same as fashions, they are not limited in time and can be traded between players. To set a skin for your Vendor Shop, simply double click on the item or drag it to the appropriate slot in the private shop window. The item directly goes back to your inventory when the Vendor Shop is closed.

NPC items sell limitation for privat shops

Items that are sold in NPC shops cannot be sold in private shops for more than the original price. The limit does not apply if the item has been upgraded or pierced.