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Avenge Nerky

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Avenge Nerky

Other languages
German Rache für Nerky
France Serrez les dents
Korean 너키메인을 구해오라

Description You can collect them from the group of Bearnerky in the Deadwallderness.
Begin NPC Lurif
End NPC Lurif
Location Darken
Level: 106~140
Collect 60x Nerkymane
Penya: 812,000
EXP: 23% for Lv. 106
Chain Quest No
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Begin Krinton's pet Bearnerky got killed by the other Bearnerky. Krinton requested you to collect NerkyMane for revenge. Will you accept this request?
Accept You can get $QUEST_END_ITEM_NAME$ from any type of Bearnerky.
Decline You do not want to collect them? Okay.
Complete Good Job! You successfully completed the quest. Take this for your trouble.
Fail You need more $QUEST_END_ITEM_NAME$.