Useful chat commands

Ignore List

You can ignore players with /ig and unignore them with /uig

The list of ignored players with /ig and /uig commands are saved per character and will stay between sessions.

Other useful chat commands

  • /g – Write in your guild chat
  • /GuildInvite – Invite someone to join your guild
  • /messageragree – Player can message you
  • /messagerrefuse – Player can’t message you
  • /p – Write in your party chat
  • /PartyIvite – Invite someone to join your party
  • /say – write someone by opening a message box
  • /shout – Your text has another color in the chatbox.
    • The Cash Shop item ‘Full Shout’ expands your shout range to the entire channel. (Required level: 20)
  • tradeagree – Player can trade you
  • traderefuse – Player cann’t trade you