Duel Betting

You can wager Penya on 1v1 Duels and Party Duels between you and your opponent. Once the duel has been accepted the money is blocked and will be transferred from the loser to the winner at the end of the duel.

PK Bounty (1st part)

The PK Bounty system was removed in the early versions of Flyff PC. We decided to reimplement it to give more interest to the PK system. When a player has been killed by another player in PK, they can go to the Guardian Master NPC in town to put a bounty on their head. All bounties are available on a board at the same NPC. When the player is killed their bounties are dropped on the ground. If the player is not killed within the bounty duration then the money is returned to the player (without the tax).

PK Bounty (2nd part)

Here is the list of PK bounties that you can see when talking to the Guardian Master NPC in town

If you double-click on a Bounty you will have the possibility to pay in order to see the position of the target:
The position will then show on the Map Window. Note that the position is only shown once and is not updated, you need to pay again if you want to see the new position of the player.