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Hotkey-‘K’ opens you the “Skill-Tree” to level skills.

Each level-up you gain skill points, to use new skills or make them stronger. Just Drag+Drop them from the Skill-Tree into your Action Slot Slot or normal Slots.

A Vagrant needs 1 skill point to level his skills. After your 1st job change, you need 2 points to level your 1st job skills, and after your 2nd job change, you need 3 points to level your 2nd job skills.

Each class gets a different amount of skill points bonus after finishing job changes because each class has a different amount of skills to use.

After your first job change your skill points will get a reset because the Vagrant skills have no use anymore.

Attention: When you get to level 120 (the current maximum level) you won’t have enough skill points to level all your skills to the maximum, so think carefully what skill you want to level-up  

More information on what the Skills do here.

Advanced information

  • A lot of useful information about skills in the in-game tooltips, including Combo Style, Spell Range, AoE/Party targets, Base Damage/Heal/Time, and scaling based on stats, Probability, Casting Time, Cooldown, etc. You can preview the new values before confirming the leveling up of skills.
  • Many skills and debuffs have different durations/probabilities/effects depending on the PvP or PvE mode.
  • Mastery skills last 1 hour and are automatically used when the conditions are met.
  • Parameters for bonus/debuff: Skill Damage (% of damage with skills), HP Restoration (% restored by Food items), Critical Resist (% of decreased probability for the enemy to do a critical hit), Healing (% restored by casting healing skills).
  • Poison and Bleeding does not only inflict damage, but they also reduce Attack Speed or HP Restoration.
  • Support buffs effects scale with INT (with a maximum limit), which should give people more reason to improve their Ringmasters Equipment.
  • Parameters such as HP stealing and Damage Over Time are scaling either with the skill’s initial damage or with the value of a standard attack inflicted by the player to the target.
  • Reflect Damage in PvP changed from 1/10 of PvE damage to 1/4.
  • The amount of HP stolen with Steal HP is now visible.
    Damage over Time (DoT) increases with Linked Attack. (E.g. Merkaba Hanzelrusha)
  • PvP Damage reduction stat can only be reduced by a maximum of 15%.
  • A debuff with the same kind of DoTs will now only override the DoTs if the damage done to the target is higher than the current debuff.