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Troupe Leader Lord Bang

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Troupe Leader, Lord Bang

Other languages
German Der Anführer, Lord Bang
France Chef de bande, Lord Bang
Korean 대도적 로드 뱅

Description Travel to Darkon 2 and defeat Lord Bang. He was last seen somewhere near the Gouthan Mountains.
Begin NPC Luda
End NPC Luda
Location Flarine
Level: 34~140
Complete Quest: Identity of Red Bang Troupe
Collect 1x Necklace of Lord Bang
Hunt 1x Lord Bang
EXP: 25% for Lv. 34
Inventory Spaces: +1 Inventory Slot(s)
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Begin This… this symbol… it is very intriguing. If I'm right, the real leader of the Red bang Troupe is not the one you defeated.
This symbol has been found in Darkon 2 as well. Could the real leader of the Red Bang Troupe be hiding there?
We must find out. The leader must be defeated or this will never end.
I've just received information from one of my colleagues in Darkon 2. I believe we've identified him. Will you help me once again, my friend?
Accept Thank you! The information I gathered is that his name is Lord Bang. He was last seen near the Gouthan Mountains in Darkon 2.
Decline We are so close to putting an end to this nuisance for good! Please, help us!
Complete You defeated Lord Bang? Thank goodness! Now we can live without fear of his retaliation. Thank you so much, my friend.
Fail You must hurry! He has to be defeated before he retaliates! Go to Darkon 2 and find him now!